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At F&C, we are committed to providing you with trustworthy and dependable sports content. To achieve that goal, F&C employs a practice of producing what we call “Research-Based Content.” Research-Based Content is made from the fabric of F&C's owner and content director, Cedric Hopkins.

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Cedric has been an appellate attorney for the past 10 years. That means he spends an un-humanly amount of time reading, researching and writing on a daily basis. Cedric also played basketball for the University of New Mexico Men’s Basketball Division One team. That means he spent an ungodly amount of time in the gym perfecting his sports craft. So basically, the guy is a researching and writing sports freak. (Super freak, actually...)

He has now combined his two passions—research and sports—to birth F&C. When Cedric is not shouting objections in court for his clients, you will find him grinding out Research-Based Content for sports fans.

We hope you’ll follow along with us as we dissect issues in the sports world and serve as your dependable news source for sports. (Speaking of following us, now would be a perfect time to click that little birdie button at the top of the page and follow us on Twitter! Or just bang it here to get to my Twitter page.)

Sam Hopkins - Managing Editor

F&C employs Sam Hopkins (picture above...the middle one, not Braxton Miller or Philly Brown) as its managing editor. Sam earned his undergraduate degree in Education from Kent State University, where he was a member of the university's baseball team. He went on to receive his Master's Degree from Xavier University.

Sam taught English in the Columbus Public Schools for over 40 years, as well as serving as a guidance counselor during his tenure. He was awarded three Teacher of the Year awards. He was recruited by Ohio State University to work with the football players as an English tutor in the Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO). He has held that position for the past four years. 

Sam also worked in the Columbus Dispatch's sports department as a sports writer for over 15 years. Not only did Sam cover sports, he coached them, as well. He has religiously coached baseball and basketball for 44 years. In that time he has won dozens of championships and was voted Coach of the Year on five occasions. He has coached athletes who went on the play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves, among others.

Obviously, Sam has an unquenched thirst for sports and education. But more importantly, during his time working with student-athletes, Sam has taught his players the importance of growing from young man to a man.

He served as an educator in the most debilitated section of Columbus, which resulted in him working with young men who were beyond "at-risk." In an unflinching manner, Sam went chest-to-chest with these athletes (literally—think, Lean on Me) only to have them reach back out to him years later to thank him for shaping them into the men they became. 

Sam will now yield his red pencil at FieldandCourt.com and continue his success in sports and education.


Featured Writer

Cedric Hopkins

Cedric Hopkins runs this sports law/fantasy football blog. If you have issues with it, it's all his fault. Cedric was an athlete-student at the University of New Mexico (Basketball - Go Lobos!). He then morphed into a student-athlete when he attended law school in San Diego. Age replaced athleticism and now he writes appellate briefs for criminals (alleged criminals, of course) in state and federal cases, including writing U.S. Supreme Court briefs.

For years Cedric has researched and written about legal issues but maintained a love for sports. With FieldandCourt.com, he's combining his two passions: researching and writing about sports. When he's not in court arguing a case before a judge (or writing about himself in the third person), he'll be doing the same with his articles on FieldandCourt.com. Follow me, er, him on Twitter (opens in a new window).