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Tight Ends


Jimmy Graham

New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is Drew Brees' top receiving option. He's physical, athletic and as he showed that he deserves the top spot among all tight ends. While others may argue that Gronk is more dominant, with the number of injuries Gronk has had, I'd rather have Graham over Gronk. 


Rob Gronkowski

New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski

I wish Gronk didn't have the multiple surgeries and injuries that he has had over the past few years. He just seems one pass away from landing on IR. For that reason, he's the No. 2 tight end for me. For those who throw risk to the wind, Gronk is your choice. If he plays all 16, he'll most likely outscore Graham. That's just too big of an "if" for me.


Julius Thomas

Denver Broncos


Antonio Gates

San Diego Chargers

Antonio Gates



Greg Olsen

Carolina Panthers

Olsen is going to have to be a steady producer in an offense that lacks a true No. 1 wide receiver. I don't value Kelvin Benjamin as high as others do. I think more of the receiving duties will fall upon Olsen, I just hope he can keep up.


Travis Kelce

Kansas City Chiefs


Martellus Bennett

New York Giants


Jason Witten

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten

Witten is as tough as the come and for fantasy purposes, as consistent as any tight end in the game. There are a lot of pass-catching options in Dallas, but Witten always manages to get his numbers.  


Heath Miller

Pittsburgh Steelers


Kyle Rudolph

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings paid Rudolph for what he's going to do, not for what he's done. And if you draft him, that's the same way you need to look at him. You're drafting potential, which at his ADP is not too costly.


Owen Daniels

Houston Texans


Fred Davis

Washington Redskins

Fred Davis

It's unclear whether Pierre Garcon (foot) will suit up in Week 4. If he does, Davis still has value in what appears to be an electrifying offense led by RGIII. If Garcon is unable to play, then Davis' upside for Week 4 sky-rockets. He will be RGIII's No. 1 target with Garcon sidelined.


Jacob Tamme

Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning showed that he's close to his old self. He reintroduced himself well on Sunday Night Football. Manning will be looking for his tight end more and more, and Tamme is that guy. Tamme's moving up the ranks.


Jared Cook

Tennessee Titans


Jermaine Gresham

Cincinnati Bengals


Julius Thomas

Denver Broncos


Kellen Winslow

Seattle Seahawks

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