What is RBC?

RBC stands for Research-Based Content. That's content that goes beyond what we call "barstool opinions." In today's times, just about anyone can put together a blog or website and start spewing out their opinions on any given team. At F&C, you won't find such barstool opinions. You'll only find top quality sports content that is couched in extensive research about each team.

Providing sports fans with Research-Based Content is the benchmark of our business model, which is geared towards you, the sports fan. What we’ve learned is fans want reliable content, not just a bunch of baseless opinions, about their favorite team.

At F&C, our content is either generated or edited by a guy who is a research and writing sports freak—Cedric Hopkins. The man spends unthinkable hours researching, either for his law practice or sports. When it comes to his law practice, judges won't put up with baseless opinions in his legal briefs, and he won't accept baseless opinions from sports writers. We back up our content. Every. Single. Pixel.

Research-Based Content was also spawned from our frustration of shoveling through so many websites and blogs that care more about the quantity of their content, rather than the quality of it. For ranking on Page One of Google, their quantity over quality business practice is ideal. They permit just about anyone sitting at a bar with a laptop to become their resident “expert” on any given team. You won’t find that at F&C.

Here’s an excerpt from a leading website discussing the Arizona Cardinals that routinely ranks on Page One of Google searches:

Screen shot_2012-07-16_at_9.04.05_PM

This writer, who has reached the upper echelon of all writers on the massive website, failed to give any factual support for his opinion about offensive lineman, Levi Brown. Instead, the article is filled with baseless opinion and crystal ball predictions.

At F&C, on the other hand, we dig deeper into the stats and history of the players. Take an excerpt from one of our articles on Levi Brown:

Screen shot_2012-07-16_at_9.19.04_PM

Instead of just slapping Levi Brown with a bust label, we examined his actual performance over the entire season and discovered that he started to perform as well as any left tackle in the game. Also, had the writer for the "mega-site" done his research, he would have known that moving Brown over to the right side of the line would be Brown's natural position. He was not supposed to be a blind-side protector in the NFL.

This is just one example of how F&C is separating itself from the barstool opinion writing that other sites not only permit, but encourage. 

So get out of the bleachers and onto the field with F&C!


Featured Writer

Cedric Hopkins

Cedric Hopkins runs this sports law/fantasy football blog. If you have issues with it, it's all his fault. Cedric was an athlete-student at the University of New Mexico (Basketball - Go Lobos!). He then morphed into a student-athlete when he attended law school in San Diego. Age replaced athleticism and now he writes appellate briefs for criminals (alleged criminals, of course) in state and federal cases, including writing U.S. Supreme Court briefs.

For years Cedric has researched and written about legal issues but maintained a love for sports. With FieldandCourt.com, he's combining his two passions: researching and writing about sports. When he's not in court arguing a case before a judge (or writing about himself in the third person), he'll be doing the same with his articles on FieldandCourt.com. Follow me, er, him on Twitter (opens in a new window).