Field And Court's Writer Standards

The owner of F&C is an attorney and rarely writes a sentence in his legal briefs without citing to a source to support the statement made in the sentence. While you don't have to go that far—and are not expected to—the content on F&C will be cut from the same cloth. Anyone can—and most do—claim that a player is good/bad/emerging/declining, etc. We are here to show, not just tell. Such thoroughly Researched-Based Content will establish the writers of this site as credible authorities in the sports they cover. More importantly, the Research-Based Content F&C produces will give readers a place to find trustworthy and dependable sports news and not just opinions spewed out into the blogosphere.

F&C Writer Standards:

  • As a writer featured on the F&C website, you will be held to the highest level of professionalism. You are encouraged to have your own personal opinions on the issues you write about, but any sexist, racist, bigoted or hate-related remarks in articles or comments will not be tolerated.
  • F&C writers agree to not engage in any commercial practices on the website, including selling your writing services. F&C writers are encouraged to land as many writing opportunities as possible with other media outlets, but putting fees, pricing or other commercial information on your profile or in your articles will not be tolerated. That information needs to be communicated in private.
  • F&C writers agree to engage readers/commentators as much as practicable. Readers will have a better experience with you as a writer, and F&C as a whole, if the writers respond to the readers in a meaningful manner. When engaging readers, F&C writers agree to do so with respect, which includes no defamatory or profane language, no name-calling, or writing in all-caps.
  • F&C writers agree to never use plagiarized material.
  • F&C writers agree to use only licensed pictures provided by F&C.
  • F&C writers agree to support their articles with thorough research. F&C doesn’t permit “bar stool opinions.” Writing that Peyton Hillis is in a decline, without more, is a “bar stool opinion.” Show that Hillis is in a decline, if that what your research reveals.
  • F&C writers agree to proofread articles prior submitting them for publication.

If, after reading the F&C Writer Standards, you feel that you want to be a part of the F&C team by providing sports fans with Research-Based Content, then feel free to submit an application and show us what cha' got! We'd love to hear from you!


Featured Writer

Cedric Hopkins

Cedric Hopkins runs this sports law/fantasy football blog. If you have issues with it, it's all his fault. Cedric was an athlete-student at the University of New Mexico (Basketball - Go Lobos!). He then morphed into a student-athlete when he attended law school in San Diego. Age replaced athleticism and now he writes appellate briefs for criminals (alleged criminals, of course) in state and federal cases, including writing U.S. Supreme Court briefs.

For years Cedric has researched and written about legal issues but maintained a love for sports. With, he's combining his two passions: researching and writing about sports. When he's not in court arguing a case before a judge (or writing about himself in the third person), he'll be doing the same with his articles on Follow me, er, him on Twitter (opens in a new window).